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CRI Irrigation Courses / Besproeiings Kursusse 2023

Course Summary

As water continues to be a valuable and increasingly scarce resource, the pressure to optimize its use alongside nutrient efficiency is paramount. Modern agriculture practices commonly utilize irrigation systems to apply nutrients to crops. However, if these systems aren’t performing efficiently, the efficacy of the nutrient application can be significantly undermined.

The CRI irrigation course, focusing on citrus trees and is tailored to address these concerns. It delves into the effective management of soil moisture and offers insights into the basic principles of irrigation scheduling. Producers will not only learn about when and how much to irrigate, but also how to adjust and plan accordingly for different scenarios.

We invite you to join us in this in-depth discussion, aimed at promoting more sustainable and efficient irrigation practices for the future. Through knowledge and skill-sharing, we aspire to make a real difference in the way we utilize water and nutrients in citrus cultivation.

Kursus Opsomming

Namate water skaarser raak, is dit noodsaaklik om die gebruik daarvan en voedingstowwe-effektiwiteit te optimaliseer. Moderne landbou gebruik besproeiingstelsels om voedingstowwe toetedien. As die besproeiing nie effektief is nie, word die voedingstoediening ook belemmer.

Die CRI besproeiingskursus, gefokus op sitrusbome, spreek hierdie kwessies aan. Dit leer produsente oor die bestuur van grondvog, wanneer en hoeveel om te besproei, en hoe om aan te pas vir verskillende scenario’s.

Sluit by ons aan in hierdie bespreking, gerig op volhoubare, effektiewe besproeiingspraktyke. Deur kennis te deel, beoog ons om ‘n verskil in sitrusverbouing te maak.

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